10 Best Blog Writing Tips for Beginners

Blog Writing Tips

If you are new to blogging or have committed yourself to dive into the vast ocean of blogger’s world, then you should follow other bloggers around the world who have done an excellent work and has set an excellent example of blogging.

In fact, blogging has helped a lot of business owners to build a profitable business.

A well-written blog post can attract thousands of traffic to your blog and acquire a very good place in search engine rankings.

So, here are 10 best blog writing tips that will definitely help you write great blog posts.

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Write About What You Know

Always try to write your own and write about what you know or what you are passionate about.

You might probably get inspired when you read others blog post, and if you have some opinion on something then start to write about it quickly, if not in same at once then try to note it down whenever you get inspired.

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Be Consistent in Your Blog Post

Being consistent in blogging is one of the greatest tips for every blogger.
Make sure that you do not start and blog for some weeks and just leave it.

Or you post 10 articles in one day and do not have anything to post for a month.

Always keep your blog post on a constant flow, so that your readers and subscribers know your pace and visit your blog to read your blog post.

It might be hard to blog post on a regular basis but not an impossible task as well.

So, make some commitment to your blog, like get up early or stay awake late if you want to see yourself and your blog successful.

Keep Your Content Simple

Do not write your content in a very high-level language, if you do that your readers will sometimes find difficult to understand the meaning of the words.

And what people love is, if you write interacting and keeping your readers engaged throughout your post.

So, when you sit to write, imagine about someone sitting in front of your computer and write as if you are talking to that person sitting in front of you. 

Call-To-Action at the End of Every Blog Post

You can keep some throughout your blog as well. But make sure you keep at the end of every blog post or have at least once.

If you keep the calling to action buttons like ‘subscribe’, ‘follow us’ on ‘Facebook’ or ‘Twitter’, it is something that keeps your readers engaged and takes them to the next step.

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By doing that you are engaging your readers to visit your blog in the future too or to remember your blog.

So, always make sure that you have a call to action button.

Aim for Thousand Words

This has been always a question for every new blogger that, what should be the number of words for a blog post. Some contents rank with only 300 words and some does not even with 1500 words.

The reason is, write useful and quality content that makes sense and just merely filling up unnecessary things that are not even related to your topics will definitely not going to work.

As per experts, the average range should be anywhere from 350 to 2000 words.

But when you write too long and lengthy content, it becomes time-consuming for your readers.

Whereas if your content is too short, it may not be indexed by Google or other search engines.

So, you have to make sure that you write content above 350 words, not too lengthy, content related to your topic. If you write keeping this in mind, your content will surely be a great quality content.

It is advised that long-form of content is definitely a very good way to go if done well, as they can rank much better on Google than shorter articles.

Try To Be Patient

When you just start to blog and publish your content, it may not attract thousands of readers and viewers to your post at once.

So, be patient and keep calm. If you have written quality content then Google is sure to bring readers to your post.

If you keep on blogging and when time passes you will definitely be a good writer and will be able to write on any topics easily.

But do not quite blogging early, thinking because you are not getting any comments or readers or the traffic you have expected to.

People always do not come to your blog or read your post to comment.
They come to your blog or read your post, just to consume some knowledge from your content. If they are not commenting on your blog does not mean that they are not reading your content.

Many successful blogs took years for hard work and patients, in order to achieve what they are today.

So, do not make your moral down and frequently look at your Google Analytics account and research on which posts are doing well. Use that feedback to write using those similar topics and do more blogs post like that.

Build Your Email List

When someone is on your blog and they are reading, they may want to subscribe.

So, make sure you have got that subscribe RSS button but also, do have an email list that you want to build up and have people join your email list so that, you can stay in touch with them in other ways.

Your Blog Title Matters

Always try to give irresistible titles to your blog post. That if people get the impression, suddenly looks at your post title and click it. Try to give a title that is catchy like for example:

If you want to write an article on tea and you have given a title like “How to make tea.”

It is very casual and does not attract at all, but if you just slightly modify it like

“5 best ways to make tea.” Or “How to make a tea that will make your day.” will attract more people. 

You yourself can think which is better?

Try to weave some action in your words. Blog titles that actually have a number of them are more likely to get clicks and gets two times the share value. So people love list.

You too might have probably known that when you show the title of my article 10 best blog writing tips for beginners.

You could have probably understood and got the gist that within 10 topics you will know who to write your blog post.

If you can, weave in your keyword, your targeted keyword or keyword phrase if possible into the title of your blog.

Use Your Targeted Keywords

Google or other search engines crawl your blog, but they are crawling your blog.

So, you should make sure that you are providing relevant content to your readers who are searching for answers and your blog should be able to prove that when Google is crawling to your website or blog.

You should have your keywords, ideally in the first 100 words is recommended and you have to do it naturally so that your keywords do not seem to be stuffed, because Google may penalize your blog for stuffing keywords in your content.

So, try to adjust your keywords in a natural way to your content.

Make Your Blog Post Referable

Sometimes we just catch ourselves and want to get a blog post thinking it has become many days since I have a blog post and does not think about the quality referable content.

So, read, read and read your content and ask yourself, is this the post that people would want to read and share with their friends on social media or is the content evergreen.

So, always make sure that you write content and revise it as much as possible to your satisfaction and hit the publish button.

Consider sharing on social media sites if you have enjoyed reading this posts and found the information helpful.

Or, if you have any suggestion or strategies that you employ and I missed in this guide, please let me know by commenting your thoughts.


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