15 Questions That Could Save Your Child’s Life

“You’re braver than you believe and stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think.”

(A. Milne/Christopher Robin.)

Save your child

We try our best to do everything we can to keep our kids safe but even us or adults do not always know what to do in all situations. We are sure that as the school year starts, it will be hard to make sure your children know all the safety rules. 

In this article, we will tell you about 15 questions that could save your child’s life that you can ask your kids. You can even print them out and give them as a test. Some of the answers will most likely to surprise you.

Question No. 1.
What should you do if your parents are away and someone is trying to open the door? 

If someone is trying to break into the house when the child is alone, the child needs to call their parents before calling the helpline. This might sound strange, but the thing is, the conversation with the rescue service will take some precious time that parents could use to call their neighbors. 

It is simple: it takes a minute to call the parents and tell them about what is going on, and then there are three people (the kid and two parents) informing others instead of only one frightened child. Besides, parents can try to calm their child down and remind them how to call the rescue service and what to tell them.

Question No. 2.

What should you do if you notice you are being watched?

If a child notices that someone seems to be following them, they should head straight to any public place like a supermarket, a park, a hair salon. Once they are surrounded by people, they are safe, so they can just call their parents and ask them to pick them up.

Question No. 3.
What should you do if a stranger grabs you and does not let you go?
In such a critical situation, they should do whatever it takes to either go free or attract people’s attention. There is nothing wrong with shouting and fighting. They can also pick up a rock and throw it at the nearest car to trigger the alarm. It’s quite possible that the abuser will get scared and ran away himself.

Save your child

Question No. 4.
Should you take candy from a stranger?

It is absolutely unacceptable to take food, toys or any other things from strangers. You have to teach your child that they can only occasionally take something from your neighbors, who you know very well but no one else. There is no such thing as a free lunch, and your child must know this from a very early age.

Question No. 5.
What should you do if the power socket starts steaming or smell gas and there is no one else at home?

Well, your child should know that if there is a risk of fire in your house or apartment or smell gas, they must never try to put out the fire on their own. The first thing they should do is get out of the building as fast as possible. Only when they are outside, they should call the fire brigade, their parents, and ask neighbors for help.

Question No. 6.
Your friends want you to play with them on the frozen river. Will you go? 

Playing hockey, skating or any other activities that involve ice should be practiced only in specially designed places. Rivers, no matter how thick the ice seems to be, are very dangerous. Falling under the ice can lead to terrible consequences, so just get them a skating rink membership to keep them safe.

Question No. 7

What should you do if you are attacked by a pack of dogs?

Not panicking is the key in this situation. Fast movement, loud noises can only provoke animals to attack. If the kid has a school bag, they should throw it aside to try to divert the dog’s attention. Only then the child should start to move away from the dogs without turning their back to the pack.

Save Your Child

Question No. 8
If you are waiting for an elevator and some strangers come up, should you go with them?

Being locked in a tight space with a group of strangers can be extremely dangerous. There is nowhere to turn if something bad happens. So, children should turn down such offers. They can just say that they are waiting for their parents who are on the way.

Question No. 9
You have just met someone your age. Should you go to their place if invited? 

Children or adults -strangers can be very dangerous. And your child should be well aware of that. No matter how friendly somebody seems, they can turn out to be anyone. Your child should understand this: there is nothing wrong with refusing an invitation. 

There are always excuses like; I have homework to do or my parents will be worried. Only when the kids get to know each other better, they can visit each other’s places.

Question No.10

If you are home alone, who can you let in?

No one the child doesn’t know. Whoever they seem to be, whatever they look like, and children should never open the door to strangers. They can pose a great threat, so it’s better to call the parents and ask them what to do.

Question No. 11
An adult stranger is asking for help. Should you help them? 

If someone is asking your child for help, they should just clearly say no and leave. Don’t get us wrong: helping people is nice, but only when they really need help. And if they do, they will turn to adults first. How can a child help?

Question No. 12
What should you do if you find yourself in a large crowd of people?

Teach your children to avoid crowds. If this happened anyway, they should know that moving against the crowd is the worst thing they can do. They should try to gradually approach the edge of the crowd and get out of it. If a child falls, they should take the fetal position and cover their head.

Question No. 13
What should you do if you are on the street during a large thunderstorm?

Finding a safe place should be the top priority. Any like a shop, a mall, an entrance hall. It’s not safe to stay near metal structures, cars, pools or water or tall trees. 

The lightning is always looking for the nearest way to the ground, so if you or your child find yourself in the middle of the field, don’t try to run. What you should do is lie down on the ground and wait until the thunderstorm ends. Cold and dirty, but safe and sound.

Question No. 14
What should you do if someone is threatening you or your family on the internet? 

Children must know that their parents are people who they can trust and if anything bad happens, they can come to them for help. If you find out that your child is threatened on the internet, you should tell your child that there is no way the bad guys can get to them. After that call the helpline and explain the situation. They will take the necessary measures.

                                                                           Question No. 15
Can you take medicine from the first-aid kit if your parents are away? 

All medicine that you have at home should be hidden in a place where your child can’t get to it. If they are old enough, tell them that medicine is very dangerous (which is true) and you don’t allow them to use it in your absence. Tell them to call you or other relatives if they are feeling unwell.

Well, if you have found some of the questions useful or if you have a different opinion on any of the answers, please leave a message in the comment section below and share with your friends to keep their children safe too. 

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