5 Best Social Media Marketing Trends in 2020 (Updated)

Social Media Marketing Trends

There is absolutely no way that you have not heard about social media, yet over the last few years, social media has completely changed the internet.

It has changed the whole world and also the world of marketing. So, what are the reason for your business and start utilizing these 5 most trending social media marketing that you can market your business with no money.

Influencer marketing

Influencer marketing drives 11 times the ROI than traditional forms of digital marketing and that 40% of consumers report that they purchase an item after seeing an influencer talk about it on platforms like YouTube, Instagram, or Snap chat.

Lots of brands are using influencer marketing to connect with audiences in ways that they previously could not through traditional forms of marketing.

So, in 2018 expect to see a bigger investment from brands and influencer marketing especially targeted at younger generations who as we talked about before are a bit harder to reach on these more closed platforms.

Messaging and chatbots

Did you know that over 2 billion people worldwide use messaging platforms, yet brands and marketers are still hesitant to jump on what is a massive trend?

In reality, most people use messaging apps like, Whatsapp or Facebook messenger more than they actually do social media networks.

Social Media Marketing Trends

So, in 2018 you can definitely expect brands and marketers to invest more time resources and effort into connecting with your audiences on messaging platforms.

You will be able to do things like allowing customers a shop, ask questions, deliver content to them in a variety of other awesome use cases for these automatic Chatbots and messenger tools.

The video takes center stage

The video takes the center stage particularly live streams. In 2017 along with pretty much every other marketer on the planet called for the rise of video in 2017.

Obviously, those predictions came true, but I think 2018 is where the majority of brands and marketers adopt video as a mainstay in their marketing programs.

The reason being is that technology is making it super easy for brands and marketers to create really quality and engaging videos and of course, we cannot forget that videos actually do work.
Social Media Marketing Trends

It is not just a fad, as a matter of fact, a recent study from word stream found that videos generate 1200 percent more shares and engagement than images and inks combined.

Generation Z

Gen Z was born roughly between 1995 and 2016, which means that the oldest people in that generation are now turning around 22 years old.

So, many of these youngsters are entering college or about to join and in marketing terms that means they will soon have a ton of buying power.

In 2018 brands will start to recognize this buying power and start to shift their social media strategies accordingly.

Marketers and brands can expect huge investment in platforms that Gen Z love like Instagram, Snap chat, messaging apps, Facebook, in other words, more closed platforms.

Instagram stories and ephemeral content

Over 300 million people use Instagram, stories every single month that is 50 million more than Snap chat and Instagram stories is just 1 year old.

So, brands and marketers interested in growing their Instagram account must learn to master Instagram stories.

Because Instagram algorithm posting the Instagram stories has a positive effect on the rest of your content.

Not to mention it helps give your brand a more authentic and human feel something that people are certainly looking for today on social media.

So, in 2018 marketers and brands that can keep your audience’s attention for more than 30 seconds videos are the one that is going to see big rewards on social media.   


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