DesignEvo The Best Free Online Logo Making Software

The Best Free Online Logo Making Software
A logo is your mark or a symbol that makes you stand out from others because your logo speaks about your brand and business and it’s an identity of your venture.

So, a professionally created logo plays a very important role for your brand and business. But in order to create a professional logo, you have to spend hundreds or maybe thousands of dollars.

You might have seen the famous Macdonald's logo.

So, what is the first thing that comes to your mind when you visit Macdonald?

Obviously, it's food, right? But what about their logo? Is not it great and eye-catching?

The Best Free Online Logo Making Software

Macdonald is a brand, and they have a well-designed, a beautiful and eye-catching logo which leaves a lasting impression on us when we go to Macdonald.

You know just looking at their logo you can say that’s Macdonald!
So, what if you want to create a logo like Macdonald?

Are you willing to spend hundreds of dollars to create a one like them?

And if your answer is yes then it’s great but if you are like me whose budget is very low but need a professional, beautiful, eye-catching logo for your brand, organization, blog, school, etc. then DesignEvo is there for you.

DesignEvo is a web-based custom logo builder which is loaded with thousands of fully customizable and pre-designed templates that enable you to create logos for free.

As per Financeonline.com, a free platform which lets people find the best B2B & SaaS solutions and compare products and reviews on software and apps.

DesignEvo has 100% user satisfaction and also has been awarded the Rising Start and Great User Experience award in the year 2017.

What you can create on DesignEvo

With DesignEvo you can create a beautiful logo of various shapes, sizes, styles for your Company & organization, Website & blog, Social media profile, Software & app, Club, Wedding, Business or Brand.

Anything that comes to your mind or imagination, you can put into the picture on DesignEvo and use it as your logo.

Benefits and features of DesignEvo

It comes with a user-friendly interface that makes your logo creation task very simple and apart from that it has a vast collection of icons, shapes, badges, fonts, and many other elements with which you can create unique logos.

It is an excellent online logo maker with an intuitive and sleek interface and with a simple drag-and-drop feature you can build your logo within no time.

As it is a web-based and does not require any installation, which means that you can edit your logo from anywhere anytime provided you have an active internet connection.

There is a huge collection of a library for ready to use graphics, fonts, templates according to your niche or categories, etc. and the possibility to see your logo placed on mockups.

Best Free Online Logo Making Software


You can get over 6000+ templates of different categories or you can even search logo templates as per requirement or organization.

Fully customizable

All the available templates, fonts, icons, etc. are fully customizable and you can adjust its size, color, rotate, flip or anything that you imagine in your head can be customized on DesignEvo.

Fonts & Icons

100+ new, stylish fonts are readily available with millions of professionally designed icons that make your logo unique and stand out from others.

Vector files

You can get high-quality SVG & PDF logo files that you can scale to any size as per your requirement like printing and use it online without pixelating your logo.

Cloud-based saving

As it runs on a cloud you can save your logos in your account and make unlimited edits anytime you want.

Free to use

One of the most important features that make DesignEvo unique is that it’s free to use. After designing your logo you can download your logo for free.

DesignEvo Pricing

DesignEvo has basically three plans, one a free and the other two at a very reasonable price.

 Best Free Online Logo Making Software

But if you are searching for an online logo maker for commercial websites or for your business or brand then I would recommend going for the Plus Plan by just paying for one time and get support for the lifetime.

Free Plan

With Free Plan, you can download and use your logo for free but you have to give credit by sharing DesignEvo on your social media pages, blog or website and it is limited to 500px.

Basic Plan

With Basic Plan you have to pay a one-time charge of $19.99 and will get:

High-quality files up to 5000px
No need to give credit by sharing on your social media pages
Transparent PNG logo
Edit and re-download your logo
Lifetime support, and
You can print your logo

Plus Plan

The Plus Plan comes with a one-time price of &39.99 and you will get:

High-quality files up to 5000px
No need to give credit by sharing on your social media pages
Transparent PNG logo
Edit and re-download your logo
Lifetime support
You can print your logo
Vector files (PDF, SVG)
Download font files, and
Copywriter ownership.

Categories or niches covered by DesignEvo

On DesignEvo you will find ready-made templates for niches or categories relating to:

Abstract, Animal & Pet, Art & Entertainment, Automotive & Logistics, Business & Finance, Fashion & Beauty, Childcare & Education, Food & Drink, Legal & Politics, etc.

Best Free Online Logo Making Software

You will find pre-made template almost on every niche and categories on DesignEvo. You just have to select and give final touches by changing your Company or logo name and slogan or description of your logo or company.


As per my opinion about DesignEvo, one thing I can say that it is the best and simple to use user-friendly free online logo making software and if you are a small business owner or a blogger like me and want to have a professional logo for free.

Then you should definitely try DesignEvo and forget about all the others and start using this easy and free tool with no hassles, as you only need to give credit to the site for your logos by sharing on social media platforms and what’s the big deal in that.

And if you look into my blog’s logo up there, you will get a gist of what DesignEvo can do for you. 
Wonder Krish

Even though I am not a professional designer, but I have created a beautiful, eye-catching and professional logo for my blog with their easy and simple to use drag-and-drop interface.


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