How ICOs Can Make You a Millionaire? Use Case: Telegram

 ICOs Can Make You a Millionaire

As in ICOs history record, Telegram knocked all other ICOs if we look at the raised amount from their two private presales i.e. 1.7$ billion. 

This means so many investors out there trusted TON token released by Telegram and purchased as soon as it went up on sale.

The question is how they won credibility for their ICO?

First, the name is big in itself and there is no denying in the factor. People knew if they are investing in Telegram then they will get value out of it.

Second the idea they want to construct a token based ecosystem inside an app for various decentralized activities such as peer-to-peer transactions, distributed file storage etc.

Ever since the launch of Bitcoin in 2009, there have been 1400 coins and the number is increasing. Whenever there is a new coin, the initial coin offering (ICO) happens. An ICO sells the currency before hitting the exchange platform.

ICOs are creating a win-win situation for the investors and the entrepreneurs alike. Entrepreneurs are raising funds through the platform whereas investors can reap huge profit margins.

In the cryptocurrency world, we see ICO investment can instantly make you rich but there is a risk too. However, we know the fact that, taking big risks lead us to big wins.

Let’s dig down and show you how ICOs can help you get rich. And we have an example of Telegram to illustrate.

The probability of Price Increase Is High

Due to many circumstances, prices are set at low at the start of the ICO. The low price has a high probability of increasing and it may keep the upward trend once it goes on exchange platforms.

How ICOs Can Make You a Millionaire

Do you know Ripple converted $10,000 into $1.5 million in five years? And this is just one example.

In case of Telegram ICO, they set the mark of $1.2 billion but in two collective pre-ICO sales they raised $1.7 billion more than what they expected.

The cryptocurrency market is volatile in nature and the demand of the cryptocurrency raise in no time. Coin demand rest on the fact that what problem will it resolve.

Also, when any coin goes on an exchange platform, it gets exposed to a number of long terms and short-term investors. This exposure increases the demand and thus the price of the coin.

Is ICO a Big Name Already?

The factor counts. Many ICOs get investment because of the trust and the reliability. Earning a good name is hard and brands are cashing them for getting a good amount of investment.

Telegram is one such example. As I mentioned earlier, Telegram was a trusted name which is why they raised more than their set hard cap.

Market Trends Anticipation

Who doesn’t want to make millions? For the reason, anticipate the direction of the market trends. Follow crypto news and see which cryptocurrencies are rising high.

Quick Return on Investment

In traditional IPOs where acquiring investments consume so much time, ICOs get investment quick. Telegram raised the $850 million by mid of February and by end of April 2018 they collected $1.7 billion in total. 

How ICOs Can Make You a Millionaire

If an ICO receives more than its set hard cap (which was $1.2 billion for Telegram ICO), it deems a successful one. And, it increases the value of the ICO and the crypto/token investors buy.

Discounted ICO Tokens

A new business struggles with it awareness phase and bringing in the new clients. In the case of ICOs, tokens or cryptocurrencies are at reduced prices just for attracting more and more clients. This is like, acquiring faith of the investors around the globe. 

Entrepreneurs get as many investors as they want at the time of the ICO launch.

And if the business idea of the ICO is amazing, who knows, how much an investor gets when he exchanges the cryptocurrency.

How Do You Know If the ICO Is Legit?

One big question you must ask before investing in any ICO. First thing first, check the credibility. As for big names, you may find it easy.
Apart from established names, check the legitimacy of ICOs by going through their ratings and reviews. 

Especially the whitepaper. It has all the details including the legal ones, the business idea, tokens supply, tokens allocations, roadmap and how the raised funds will be used.

Second, check ICO team profiles. No doubt, it will consume some of your time but it will ensure investment security. Crosscheck social pages of the ICO team. LinkedIn is one such source where you can see the recommendations too.

Consequently, it is evident that ICOs may seem like a bet, where chances of getting a lot of money are high. If you don’t fall for scams and invest wisely in ICOs with really good ideas, there is no way you can’t make money out of ICOs. In fact, a handsome amount in a lesser period of time.

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