How to Make Money by Blogging

Make Money by Blogging

What is a blog?

A blog is a weblog and it all started as an online personal diary and hence the name weblog. Blogs were started as a way of sharing personal information but, over time different types of blogs came into existence and it not only is a personal diary anymore but you can also make money by blogging.

For example:

Adult blog, finance blog, fashion blog, marketing blog, technology blog, etc. in fact, you will find blogs on all types of subjects or niche on the internet.

Blogs come in many different styles and designs depending on users preferences. 

Many blogging sites often include features such as videos, texts, pictures, shadowbox, twitter updates and a lot of other plugins available for free on the internet.

But now a day a new trend in blogging has come up and that is an audio blogging. Bloggers instead of just writing contents and texts, they choose to make their blogs more attractive and different by using spoken word entries in their blogs.

Why choose to blog instead of creating a website

Take a look at the advantages listed below and you decide if you prefer for a blog or website.

Easy to create

Blogs are easy to create and you don’t even need to go through all the headaches of web-programming. You can have free templates from blog providers.

There are many blogging platforms like WordPress, Wix.com, etc., which offers you an easy drag and drop features in order to create your blog with zero coding knowledge.

Search Engine Optimization

Search engine spiders love blogs and when this happens your blog is most likely to be indexed in a shorter period of time. In other words, your blog will be easily found in organic search results.

Easy to maintain

Blogs software allows you to post online anytime and anywhere. You don’t have to worry about uploading anything using FTP software or any other software’s.

Easy to have interaction with visitors  

The comment section allows you to know what your reader wants and you can communicate with them so that you know which type of topics they would like to view.

It’s free

The coolest part is blogging is free. You can get a free blogging platform on the net just Google it and one popular example is blogger.com.

Who should use a blog?

Anyone can blog and those who want to start a blog can do so by signing up as a member of a blogging website of their choice.

Currently blogging is being used widely throughout the world and it’s estimated to have around 112.8 million blogs worldwide. You can see that it is not limited to personal use anymore.

Many people have used it for commercial use such as selling and promoting their products in their blogs as well as sharing information with people.

The most popular blog type thus far is the one that makes it a personal journal and this a kind that is usually used by first-time bloggers.

Individuals who are poetic or who love to rant and release their anger will often find that blogging offers them a medium where they are able to express themselves.

How to earn money blogging

Apart from using your blog for sharing personal views and information, these can also be used for earning income online. An increasing number of bloggers is now using these to make money online.

Hence, blogging has now emerged as an effective method of marketing and earning internet income.

There are various ways of getting rich with blogging and one of the most popular methods is by:

Affiliate Marketing

Anyone promoting an affiliate product writes reviews and positive informational material about the affiliate products.

If the reviews are genuine there is a chance of people buying affiliate products. This way the blogger gets paid a commission upon each sale.

Direct sales

Another popular way of making money blogging is through direct sales:
If you have your own products, then you write about them on your blog and if people are interested then they will buy the same.

Other bloggers can also advertise your products and they can become your affiliates.

On every purchase that they are able to generate, you will be paying them a commission.

Google AdSense

Google AdSense has emerged as a major source of revenue generation from blog posts.

AdSense is a form of paid advertising and using Google-supplied codes, different types of ads appear on your blogs and any clicks by the readers will earn money for you.

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Blogs on popular subjects are known to generate enormous amounts of money for bloggers. Many individuals earn a respectable amount of online money from writing blog posts for other blog or websites or for other marketers or individuals.

Assignments for blog writing can be found at many blog websites and the amount of money earned depends upon the volume of website’s traffic.

Join revenue sharing programs

Blogs that are attracting get volumes of traffic have the potential to make some nice amounts of income. Some websites have revenue sharing programs such as PayPerPost, Blogvertise and Xomba have revenue sharing programs. Any generated on such sites gets shared with bloggers.

So, if you write blog posts on these types of sites and participate in their revenue sharing programs, you will get paid depending upon the amount of revenue generated.


It is very easy to start online blogs and apart from creating blogs on one’s own personal websites, these can also be started on a website like BlogSpot or WordPress.

The former is better for beginners and to start a blog you do not need any special skills. Anyone can start and get paid to blog in a matter of minutes and blogs with rich content and meaning information can attract a lot of traffic an can be translated into revenue.

Blogging for profit is one of several internet businesses that can be started independently to earn money online.

Earning money online through blogs are very crucial and demands patience and hard work and with increasing awareness and spread of internet, there is a likelihood of more and more competition on the web. 

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